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Brno is situated in the centre of Europe in the vicinity of three European metropolises: Prague, Vienna and Bratislava. Brno is a part of upgraded railway corridors connecting the Czech Republic with all neighbouring countries and it is situated on the intersection of motorways D1 (E50) and D2 (E65).

The international airport Brno-Tuřany operates regular flights to metropolises such as London, Moscow, Eindhoven, Rome and Milan with connecting flights to all destinations around the globe.

An integrated transport system is in operation throughout the South Moravian Region, where Brno is the main hub.

Brno Airport (www.airport-brno.cz) 

Brno public transport company (www.dpmb.cz) 

Bus and train timetables 


CSAD (Bus company) 

Czech Airlines, a.s. (www.csa.cz) 

National timetable information system 

Reservation office addresses 

South Moravian Integrated Public Transport System 

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