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Electronic contacts for citizens' questions

Mayor's Office kp@brno.cz
Chief Executive's Office vmmb@brno.cz
Internal Audit and Inspection Department oko@brno.cz
Medial Division meo@brno.cz
Personnel section po@brno.cz
Organisational section uo@brno.cz
Administrative Activities department osc@brno.cz
Budget and financing department orf@brno.cz
Defence department oobr@brno.cz
Department of foreign relations ozv@brno.cz
Department of information technology omi@brno.cz
Internal affairs department ovv@brno.cz
Organisational department orgo@brno.cz
Technical section ut@brno.cz
Chief architect's office uha@brno.cz
Department of land and building management ousr@brno.cz
Dept. of water and forestry management and agriculture ovlhz@brno.cz
Environmental department ozp@brno.cz
Investment department oi@brno.cz
Technical networks department ots@brno.cz
Transport department od@brno.cz
Economic section uh@brno.cz
Dept. of building administration osb@brno.cz
Economic development department ohr@brno.cz
Housing department bo@brno.cz
Property department mo@brno.cz
Trades office zu@brno.cz
Socio-cultural section usk@brno.cz
Cultural department ok@brno.cz
Department of monument conservation opp@brno.cz
Dept. of education, youth and physical education osmt@brno.cz
Health department oz@brno.cz
Social welfare department osp@brno.cz
Organisational units of the Statutory City of Brno
Brno city archive amb@brno.cz
Brno city police mp@brno.cz
Brno Municipality Dining Hall ovv@brno.cz
Special bodies
Brno Hygiene Officer hm@brno.cz



City Districts Offices

Bohunice info@bohunice.brno.cz
Bosonohy info@bosonohy.brno.cz
Bystrc info@bystrc.brno.cz
Chrlice info@chrlice.brno.cz
Cernovice info@cernovice.brno.cz
Ivanovice info@ivanovice.brno.cz
Jehnice info@jehnice.brno.cz
Jih info@jih.brno.cz
Jundrov info@jundrov.brno.cz
Kninicky info@kninicky.brno.cz
Kohoutovice info@kohoutovice.brno.cz
Komín info@komin.brno.cz
Královo Pole info@krpole.brno.cz
Lisen info@lisen.brno.cz
Malomerice a Obrany info@malomerice.brno.cz
Medlánky info@medlanky.brno.cz
Novy Liskovec info@nliskovec.brno.cz
Oresin info@oresin.brno.cz
Reckovice a Mokra Hora info@reckovice.brno.cz
Sever info@sever.brno.cz
Slatina info@slatina.brno.cz
Stary Liskovec info@sliskovec.brno.cz
Stred info@stred.brno.cz
Turany info@turany.brno.cz
Utechov info@utechov.brno.cz
Vinohrady info@vinohrady.brno.cz
Zabovresky info@zabovresky.brno.cz
Zebetín info@zebetin.brno.cz
Zidenice info@zidenice.brno.cz

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