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Point of Single Contact (PSC)

On 28th December 2009 the Trade Licensing Office in Brno has started its function of the Point of Single Contact (PSC).  PSC was established on the basis of Act on free movement of services (222/2009 Coll.) implementing The European Services Directive into the Czech system of law.

The aim of PSC is to help entrepreneurs – the EU citizens – in the field of provision of services. The basic role of PSC is to simplify the process of starting a business not only on the basis of trade licenses issued by trade licensing offices but mainly of other types of licenses and certifications. In the Czech Republic the service is provided by 15 trade licensing offices. PSCs are parts of the European network.

PSC have two main functions – informative and intermediary. Firstly, it provides entrepreneurs as much information as possible and secondly, it helps them to contact the appropriate administrative body authorizing the  respective service.

The informative services provided by PSC:

- information necessary for obtaining authorizations for providing services in the Czech Republic (e.g. competent authority, procedure, conditions for issuing the certification etc.)

- general information about providing services in other member states of the EU (e.g. competent authority, qualification requirements, procedure)

- general information about legal remedies and solution of disputes (e.g. ways of extrajudicial solving of disputes, contacts on competent authorities)

- general information about consumer protection in the Czech Republic and in the EU

- contact addresses on persons and institutions which provide businessmen and consumers with practical help


The intermediary services provided by PSC:

- assure transfer of applications for various types of business certifications to authorities competent to this issue on the basis of specific laws

- can assure the necessary registrations to following institutions – tax office, social security administration office, health insurance office, employment office

The services of PSC are free of charge – they can be gained in personal way, by email, eventually by phone. PSC does not provide legal aid or solution of specific problems and disputes out of operation of Act on free movement of services.

Contact details of PSC in Brno:

Bc. Ctirad Los, phone: +420 542 173 344

Mgr. Radana Stýblová, phone: +420 542 173 375


address: Malinovského nám. 3, 601 67 Brno

fax: +420 542 173 399
e-mail:   jkm@brno.cz


Requests can be also submitted by using this application.

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