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Budget and Financing Department

  • Prepares draft budget for each calendar year;
  • On the basis of changes during the year, proposes budget updates for the calendar year;
  • Prepares city budget forecast for 10 years;
  • Prepares draft policy for medium-term financing of the city;
  • Prepares the draft policy for the debt of the city;
  • Keeps accounts of the Brno City Hall;
  • Collection of receivables of the city.

Divisions of the Budget and Financing Department

Budget Division

  • Methodologically manages and coordinates the budgeting process of the city, city districts and allowance organizations;
  • Prepares and elaborates draft city budget for each calendar year and the city budget forecast;
  • Proposes city budget amendments and modifications;
  • Monitors and evaluates budget performance, analyses efficiency and effectiveness of budget funds use;
  • Prepares the financial settlement for the Statutory City of Brno and prepares the financial statements for the past calendar year.

Prices, Taxes and Fees Division

  • Issues generally binding regulations within its scope of powers;
  • Ensures methodology and inspection in the area of pricing, local and administration fees and Act 202/1990 on lotteries;
  • Prepares tax returns concerning the transfer of city assets;
  • Prepares tax returns on corporate income tax on behalf of the city;
  • Prepares tax returns for real estate tax;
  • Prepares tax return for value added tax;
  • Reviews decisions issued in the 1st instance by city district bodies in matters concerning local fees, administration fees, prices and Act 202/1990 on lotteries.

Information System Division

  • Accounting for the Brno City Hall;
  • Issuing certificates of payments;
  • Methodological guidance of accounting in allowance organizations founded by the Statutory City of Brno and city districts;
  • Payroll Accounting Office – responsibility for the payroll accounting for the Brno City Hall and Brno City Police.

Financing, Financial Assets, Debt and Shares Division

  • Ensures efficient acquisition of resources for long-term financing of the city;
  • Ensures efficient increase in value of available cash of the city;
  • Talks with rating agencies, analyzing the rating of the city;
  • All financial operations concerning the transfer of funds to city districts, allowance organizations founded by the city and other organizations;
  • Registration of received specific funds;
  • Inspection of reporting of provided contributions and subsidies;
  • Registration of all shares of the city in business companies;
  • Damages Fund administration.

Executions Division

  • Collection of receivables from installation and removal of clamps on vehicles, receivables from towed-away vehicles, from placement of dogs in shelters, which were not paid on reminders;
  • Execution of receivables under effective decisions of courts and other bodies that define the debtor‘s obligation to settle debts;
  • Collection of receivables from fines imposed by Brno City Hall departments within their delegated powers;
  • Collection of receivables from traffic and order offence fines imposed by Brno City Police bodies.
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