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Vehicle registration

Vehicle registration

Registration of a used vehicle imported from an EU member country


A vehicle can be registered only in the name of a foreign national with a temporary or long-term residence registered by the Department for Asylum and Migration Policy of the Ministry of Interior (Hněvkovského 65) for the South Moravia Region. The residence card has to carry the Czech national ID number “rodné číslo”.


A vehicle must be registered, if a foreign national's stay exceeds 185 days. Brno City Municipality, Section of Vehicle License and Registration (Kounicova 67) deal with the registration.


1. The vehicle must pass the state technical inspection STK (e.g. provided by DEKRA servis) and it must receive certificates of a) technical inspection “Protokol před schválením technické způsobilosti”, b) emissions “Emisní protokol”, c) technical protocol for import with an annex “Technický protokol pro dovoz s přílohou”. The certificates must be issued in the name of the owner and the owner must submit the original technical certificates from the export country. The technical inspection costs approximately 2 000 CZK.


2. A car must have a compulsory third party liability insurance “Povinné ručení” for the number of the vehicle body number (VIN number) before it is registered. The compulsory third party liability can be purchased from many insurance companies and it costs several thousand crowns a year. So called "green card" is necessary for the vehicle registration.


3. The applicant comes with a residence certificate, with original documents from the export country, new documents from the state technical inspection, and with a compulsory third party liability insurance to the Section of Vehicle License and Registration and files an application for registration. Fee 800 CZK for a car.


The applicant can fill in the application forms on the spot with the help of an employee of the Section of Vehicle License and Registration, Kounicova 67.


Cars imported from outside of EU, need to comply with a bit more regulations and you are encouraged to contact the Municipality or the BEC for more details.


For further help in English and different options of the car registration please contact Brno Expat Centre, info@brnoexpatcentre.eu.

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