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Notification of Trade, EU

Notification of unqualified trade by foreign natural persons – citizens of EU or EEA member countries and of Switzerland (with a domicile outside the Czech Republic) – Živnostenské oprávnění


Unqualified trade:

Among others, following activities may be carried out as unqualified trades:

  • mediating of trade and services
  • wholesale and retail
  • advisory and consulting activities
  • designing
  • translating and interpreting
  • teaching languages


A list of unqualified trade fields is given in the Annex No. 4 of the Trade Act:


Czech version http://www.mpo.cz/dokument104038.html

English version http://www.mpo.cz/dokument97554.html


How to notify a trade?

A notification may be filed in person at any municipal Trade Licence Office; other forms of filing are not excluded.


What documents does an applicant present to Trade Licence Office at notifying a trade?


  • proof of identity (identity card, passport),
  • abstract of the criminal records or an equivalent document issued by a competent judicial or administrative authority of the state, whose citizen he/she is or of a member country of his/her latest residence (not older than 3 months); if an applicant stays in the territory of the Czech Republic, the Trade Licence Office itself requests an  abstract of the criminal records),
  • document proving a legal cause for using premises, into which an  applicant has located the point of business (a written consent of owner, a contract of lease),


A specimen of consent to location of point of business:



An applicant will pay the administrative charge at the cash desk of the authority (in the amount of 1 000 CZK and 500 CZK for each other notification).


Documents not issued in the Czech language must be translated. An  official translation is required in case of doubts only. The same applies to authentication of signature or stamp imprint.


What forms are needed and where can you obtain them:

You obtain forms in the Trade Licence Office; a clerk can help you to fill them in on the spot.


If you are interested, you can obtain the Uniform Registration Form for Natural Persons at: http://www.mpo.cz/dokument68557.html


What time-limits exist for making a record to the Register of Trades?

The Trade Licence Office is obliged to make a record to the Register of Trades within 5 working days from the day of notification servicing and to issue an abstract to the entrepreneur, if the applicant fulfils conditions laid down by statutory requirements.



It is possible to make filings to other offices via the Trade Licence Office, too, namely to the tax office, the social security administration, the health insurance fund, and the employment bureau. 


Main legal regulations applied:


  • Act No. 455/1991 Coll., on trade business (the Trade Licensing Act), as amended


Czech version http://www.mpo.cz/dokument104038.html

English version http://www.mpo.cz/dokument97554.html


  • Government decree No. 278/2008 Coll., as amended, on the contents of individual trades


Czech version http://www.mpo.cz/dokument82761.html

English version http://www.mpo.cz/dokument83759.html


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Additional information:

We point out that the material has been elaborated only for needs of citizens of EU or EEA member countries and of Switzerland (with a  domicile outside the Czech Republic), whose activities come under an  unqualified trade.


The instructions were elaborated pursuant to law and order on the day:

January 31st, 2013

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