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Investment opportunities

Brno Industrial Zone – Černovická Terrace.

(BPZ-ČT) has an area of 200  hectares and is located close to the Brno – Tuřany International Airport, highways D1 & D2 (routes E50 & E65) and the Brno –  Vlárský průsmyk railway line (to Slovakia). It belongs to the leading strategic zones in the Czech Republic. Prevailing part of the zone is intended for strategic investors with a minimum value of investment CZK 100 million in selected sectors of the manufacturing industry, particularly aviation, aerospace, means of transport, computer technology, information technology, electronics, telecommunications and radio communications, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and medical devices. Furthermore, investors in strategic services and technology centres can be placed here. The zone contains production premises of direct investors, who built facilities here in their ownership, and investors in leasehold estate that invest only in their production technology. The direct investors include industrial operations of the  following companies: Carclo Technical Plastics – Brno, a British company (production of plastic components for the assembly of electronic products). In 2005, the Japanese company Daikin Device Czech Republic launched its operations (manufacturing of air conditioning devices), and in 2009 completed the second stage of its production facility. Daido Metal – a Japanese company manufacturing bearings for the automotive industry, built the second stage of its plant in 2012. Bomar – an  Austrian company (development and production of band saws for metal, material conveyors and manipulation equipment), launched its operation in 2007. In February 2008, a new production complex of the German company Bosch Rexroth was commissioned (production of hydraulic equipment). During the same period, a plant was built for the Japanese company Nitto Denko Czech (processing of polarizing films for LCD displays), which was due to a decrease in demand operated only in setback mode, but currently it is undergoing operational restructuring. In the western corner of the industrial zone, three new technology centres were built – facilities for the company Ivar (information technology) and Ergozet (machine tool  services). Since 2010, the BPZ-ČT hosts a new company Blades Czech (manufacturing of industrial and razor blades). Leasehold property in BPZ-ČT is built in stages by the company CTP Invest. Key tenants in the halls include the American company Honeywell, which located in Brno its global development centre of turbocharged engines and a manufacturing facility for security systems in buildings. The CTP's leasehold facilities in BPZ-ČT host the  following companies: Acer Czech Republic, AU Optronics (Czech), Bodycote HT, Darfon, Edwards Services, Fermat CZ, Honeywell, Kompan Czech Republic, Kühne + Nagel, Lagermax Forwarding and Logistics, Maehler & Kaege Systems, MIELE, ModusLink Czech Republic, Raben Logistics Czech, RR Donnelley, Seaborne Plastics, Stannah Stairlifts Limited, Tyco Electronics Czech, Visko Teepak and Wistron InfoComm (Czech).

Czech Technology Park.

The Czech Technology Park is a development project with low space occupation rate, which in its final stage will provide 190,000 square meters of mixed space for offices, research and light industry, along with spaces for recreational activities and services. The whole property is located in close proximity to the Brno University of Technology campus. To date, over 52,000 square meters of category A office and manufacturing space for high-tech manufacturing have been completed, where 14 companies settled, employing a total of over 4,500 employees. For this reason, the Brno Technology Park is considered one of the most important projects of this type in the region. Thanks to its location adjacent to the Brno University of Technology campus, this project offers its client companies specific benefits in the form of skilled workforce consisting of graduates in technical and engineering subjects, and opportunities to collaborate with the recognized university on research and development projects. The success of the project is demonstrated by the list of renowned companies that have already found their location in the Park: in fact, the blue-chip tenants include names such as IBM, FEI, Motorola, Vodafone and Silicon Graphics. The Technology Park is a joint investment by the City of Brno and the British multinational firm P&O. The developer is the joint stock company Technologický Park Brno. The master plan of the Park is subdivided into several zones, which should be gradually built in phases, with a total built-up area envisaged to be 190,000 square meters. In these zones is expected the  construction of office space, areas for high-tech manufacturing, services and retail, but also the construction of residential areas located throughout the entire area of the park. The development zones are of low built-up density type, featuring a large share of landscaped green areas. In addition, the park is surrounded by natural greenery and protected areas, which makes its environment really pleasant. Future development – the Central Zone. Second construction phase of the Park – the Central Zone. After successfully obtaining a building permit in the  autumn of 2011, the project is now at a stage of initial selection of documentation for tendering a contractor and implementation documentation, and may reflect possible  changes required by the  clients. It is expected that the construction of the first two buildings will be launched in March 2013. A total of 42,000 square meters of space will be spread over a number of separate office buildings in an  enclosed area with a central water pool and a green park around the  whole property. The second construction phase, which is situated in the  heart of the technology park, will also provide space for additional services including restaurants and other catering facilities, a  supermarket, medical facilities, a bank, a pharmacy, a newspaper stall and a conference centre. These facilities will be located in the same building as the main reception and Park management. The buildings will be built to meet the latest criteria of sustainability, incorporating energy saving systems and efficient water management. The premises offer an optimum solution for companies that want to place their research and development projects and take advantage of all the benefits this site may provide. Outside the Central Area, there are two important projects that to be implemented by the Brno University of Technology (BUT):  CEITEC – The Central European Institute of Technology, and ADMAS – a  research institution of the Construction Faculty for advanced building materials, design and technology, the construction of which began early in 2011. These two projects will include research laboratories and international programmes focusing on advanced materials, nanotechnology, microtechnology and communication and control technologies.
Heršpická Development Zone. Heršpická Development Zone is an attractive area occupying about 25 ha between the historical city centre and the  southern part of the large city ring road. A unique opportunity to build high-rise office and multifunctional facilities near the historical centre of Brno gave this area a purely office and commercial district character. Heršpická Zone gains attractiveness especially in connection with the redevelopment of the Brno railway junction, which will release extensive adjacent railway property for new uses. Area: Heršpická Planning Study divides the area of 90 hectares into three zones: Heršpická, Pražákova – Vídeňská and Vodařská. Orientation: administrative and multifunctional facilities. Transportation: Heršpická expressway allows access to the city centre and to motorways D1 and D2. Major implemented projects: M-Palace, Spielberk Office Centre and AZ Tower.  H-Park office complex is under preparation. AZ tower with its height of 111 meters is a remarkable building for its architectural style and its height. It is now being constructed  between Pražákova and Heršpická streets in a location called “Brno Manhattan”. The new building will offer over 17,000 square meters of retail, office and residential space. After its completion in 2013, it will become the  tallest building in the Czech Republic. www.aztower.cz Brno is ready to actively cooperate and help to create conditions for current and future investors, making the so far neglected areas in the  South Centre more attractive and ready for effective uses. Info leaflet about the zone – download in Czech (3.2 MB, Adobe Acrobat document).
Europoint Brno (Railway Junction and the South Centre) is an important European project that integrates transport, land revitalization and economic development. It includes the construction of a new passenger station, a  marshalling yard and upgrading of the railway passage through the city, as well as the construction of urban infrastructure alongside with the  development of the area in the central part of Brno. The Europoint Brno project will therefore contribute to the development of the central part of the city, where a new full-fledged city district will arise. It will provide the public with lodging and accommodation, shopping opportunities and services, leisure time options, and last-but-not-least, new job opportunities. Goals of the Europoint Brno project: creation of a major development area, connection to the  European transport corridors, ensuring interoperability and international accessibility, increasing competitiveness of the city and the region, creation of a new modern passenger station with a capacity for the development of the South Moravian Integrated Transport System (IDS South Moravian Region), seamless connection to high-speed tracks, completion of the transport infrastructure and better interchange links, sufficient number of new parking spaces, simplification and optimization of the railway system, release of attractive building sites, improvement in quality of life in the city centre, revitalization of the Komárov and Horní Heršpice city districts. The reconstruction and modernization of railway lines under the Europoint Brno project, which began with the construction of a marshalling yard in previous years, will release highly attractive areas in the immediate vicinity to the historical centre of Brno, which will be used for business, leisure and residential purposes. A modern city district called The South Centre will arise. The core of the zone will be a new avenue running between a square below the Petrov hill to the new railway station. The  attractiveness of the area has already been reaffirmed by the interest of investors in the available space along the borders of the development area; among others, the tallest building in the Czech Republic – called AZ Tower – is currently being built  in there.

More info at www.europointbrno.cz www.nadraziureky.cz.



BROWNFIELD is a real estate (a lot, a building or a site) that is inadequately used, neglected and potentially contaminated. It is what remains after industrial, agricultural, residential, military or other activities. Brownfield cannot be appropriately and effectively used, without undergoing a  process of regeneration. (Definition according to the National Brownfield Regeneration Strategy). The revitalisation of the  brownfields  is one of the pre-conditions for a sustainable development of the city of Brno. The social importance and the need to revitalise the brownfields is supported by many policy documents adopted at all levels of public administration. The investments in the brownfield revitalisation are usually much more costly for the owners than “greenfield” projects and these investments also entail a number of risks. The investors must include in the expenditure the costs of removing what has been left from the previous use of the site. There is a risk that during the revitalisation, they will encounter unforeseen difficulties which may be linked, for example, to environmental pollution. The implementation is often delayed also due to complicated and unsettled ownership of the sites. In spite of that, Brno implements a number of projects inspiring new life into these dilapidated, neglected and unused sites. The main reason for implementing these projects is often the unique position of the brownfields in the existing, well-functioning urban structures, where there are no vacant lots left to be developed. Despite significant budget constraints, the city of Brno plays an active role in the brownfield revitalisation by continuously investing in the reconstruction of insufficiently or ineffectively used buildings in its ownership. The City of Brno commissioned a transparent database of brownfields that should facilitate the orientation of potential investors in the search for a  suitable location for their business project. Brno keeps record of 124  sites on this database, spreading on a total area of 418 hectares. The  database contains sites with an area above 0.5 hectares and the  utilisation rate of up to 30%.  The records also include sites whose utilisation exceeds 30% of the total area; however, these sites are run down, inadequately and inappropriately used and their further development is uncertain. There is no upper limit imposed on the  utilisation rate of these sites. A map application shows the area of brownfields in the City of Brno at the end of 2012 and is continuously updated by the staff of the Property Department of the City of Brno.

 Views Brownfields Maps.

The publication BRNO BROWNFIELDS 2015 is available for download here.

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